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Barber In A Box!

These are pics taken at FOB Brassfield-Mora, Iraq on March 20, 2008. We sent the "adopt a Chaplin" program some clippers and shirts. The adopt a Chaplin group supplies the chaplains ministering the soldiers with any shortages they have. They contacted us because the soldiers were running out of barbering equipment and were having a tough time getting haircuts.

"Our friends at Los Gatos Barber shop stepped up to meet the need for hair cutting equipment. They are great supporters of our troops. We just asked and they quickly assembled a box for your guys.

The box contains:
1 set of NEW professional clippers
3 sets of used professional clippers
5 Army green T Shirts with "My Sergeant made me get a haircut."
2 white T shirts with "Look at yourself..Get a haircut!!!
1 drape to keep the clippings from falling down their necks.

A couple of the guys volunteered to come with the clippers. We took some measurements and found that none of the barbers would fit in a Flat Rate Box so your guys will have to clip each other!"

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